Ghosting-Free Multi-Exposure Image Fusion in Gradient Domain

K.Ram Prabhakar, R. Venkatesh Babu
Video Analytics Lab,
Department of Computational and Data Sciences, Indian Institute of Science

View HDR images generated with proposed method.
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This paper presents an algorithm to produce ghosting-free High Dynamic Range (HDR) image by fusing set of multiple exposed images in gradient domain. Recently proposed Gradient domain based exposure fusion method provides high quality result but the scope of which is limited to static camera with no object motion scenario. The presence of moving objects/hand trembling produces a set of misaligned images.  The result of gradient domain approach on misaligned images suffers from ghosting artifacts. To have a high quality result without performing image registration, we propose to produce an aligned image set from input image set by photometric calibration. The gradient of aligned image set is then used to reconstruct a fused image. The proposed algorithm tested on several publicly available dynamic image sets shows that resultant HDR image is ghosting-free and well exposed. Additionally, proposed method is fast and thus can be used in consumer appliances such as mobile phones, music players with cameras and digital cameras.
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